What Is Srinivasa Ramanujan's IQ

April 26, 2024
What Is Srinivasa Ramanujan's IQ

Srinivasa Ramanujan: Indian Mathematician

IQ Level: 180-200

Meet Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematical prodigy whose groundbreaking work in the analytical theory of numbers, partitions, and infinite series still dazzles and sparks inspiration among mathematicians over a hundred years after his early departure from this world. At the heart of countless tales of his genius lies a captivating mystery: just how high was his IQ?

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Early Life and Education

Ramanujan's story begins in the town of Erode, in British India, where his early interest and instinct for mathematics were evident. His formal education, however, was a different tale.

Largely self-taught, Ramanujan learned advanced mathematics from books without much guidance. His experiences centered on solitary study, which may have fostered the development of his unique mathematical style.

Accomplishments and the Perception of His Intellect

Ramanujan's most significant contributions are intertwined with complex variables, elliptic functions, and infinite series. Despite having almost no formal training in these areas, his work was outstanding.

He famously sent a letter filled with theorems to G.H. Hardy, a leading mathematician at the University of Cambridge, that, upon his invitation, led Ramanujan to England. His time at Cambridge was brief—he returned to India due to health concerns—yet, his impact was enormous.

By age 32, when he passed away, he had documented around 3,900 results, many of which were without proof and some of which researchers are still attempting to prove.

The Legacy of Srinivasa Ramanujan: Beyond Numbers

Srinivasa Ramanujan, a mathematical genius far beyond the norms of average IQ scores, carved a niche for himself in the world of pure and applied mathematics by solving complex mathematical problems that were, until his intervention, considered unsolvable.

While discussions about IQ scores often revolve around individuals like the best female chess player or the Hungarian chess grandmaster, Ramanujan's story illustrates that genius cannot be solely measured by such metrics. Unlike the first female mathematician whose accomplishments were recognized within her lifetime, Ramanujan's work, much like that of a child prodigy, garnered posthumous fame, leading to his election to the Royal Society.

His innate ability to decipher and contribute to mathematics, despite his relatively short life, showcases not just Ramanujan's genius but also the boundless possibilities of the human mind when passion and talent converge.

Insights into Ramanujan's Intelligence Quotient

There are no records of Ramanujan taking a formal IQ test. Attempts to estimate his IQ posthumously have been varied, but without his participation in a standardized test, these remain speculations.

Some have claimed that his IQ would be 'Astronomical,' a term not accounted for by standard IQ scales. Others contend that a figure could be deduced based on his prolific output under severe constraints.

The Significance of IQ in Achieving Success

Ramanujan's story begs the question—how significant is IQ in achieving success? While high intelligence can indeed be a boon in the world of academia, it is but one piece in a complex puzzle.

Empirical evidence suggests that success is determined by a multitude of factors, including creativity, perseverance, and emotional intelligence.

Famous Intellectuals and Their IQs

Comparisons of Ramanujan's hypothetical IQ range with those of other famous figures can be intriguing. Albert Einstein, often celebrated for his high intelligence, reportedly had an IQ of around 160.

Meanwhile, some contemporary experts believe the IQ of Leonardo da Vinci to have been over 190. These figures, while informative, do little to uncover the whole truth behind the relationship between intelligence and achievement.

The Difficulty in Pinning Down an IQ

The posthumous estimation of Ramanujan's IQ is shrouded in the imprecise nature of attempts to quantify human intelligence. The challenges are multifaceted, from the limitations of available data to the inherent nature of intelligence itself.

In the case of math prodigies, the discrepancies between their formal education and their monumental contributions further obfuscate any straightforward calculations of IQ.


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Srinivasa Ramanujan's IQ remains a biographical footnote that is as intriguing as it is unattainable. While it is tempting to reduce his accomplishments to a single number, doing so would fail to do justice to the complexity of his brilliance.

Intelligence is, after all, a multifaceted phenomenon, and the legacy of Ramanujan teaches us that perhaps, in the end, it is not our IQ that defines us, but what we choose to do with the gifts we are given.

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